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Espalier an apple tree

With so much fenceline to cover, I decided to use the north facing fence to trial growing some fruit trees in an espalier form. Apples and other spur bearing fruit suit this well and so I requested the nursery send me a tree suitable to espalier. It arrived, a very ugly beast, which I assume was their intention as the head was to be lopped off. I wish I’d photographed it before the execution, however the first photo is of the tree in its initial suffering.

Then all that could be done was to wait and see if the tree would live or die. Fortunately it chose to live and sent out 3 or 4 shoots near the cut which will be allowed to grow and be cut when the leader reaches the next wire up the wall.

In the meantime, as a result of the substantial lopping it received, the tree seemed to grow its remaining branches more vigorously than would seem usual for a tree this size.

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