Brussels Sprouts

Brussels Sprouts in late winter sunshine with a ramshackle display of cat deterrent devices.

I didn’t even have the spelling correct until a few minutes ago. Probably because these sprouts seldom come into my vocabulary. I grew them on a whim as one of the “last men standing” trays of seedlings present at the garden centre on one august autumn morning. The garden bed would likely be left fallow otherwise.

Because they were planted so late, I only had a minor skirmish with the white butterfly and a few picking sessions with the tell-tale caterpillars. So there wasn’t a great deal of care involved.

It was surprising then on stripping back the untidy leaves, that I found the first wee cluster of fattening sprouts. I say again, I’m not really a fan but I sure was excited to see them.

Sadly since then, grey aphids (also new to my vocab) have muscled in. And as I haven’t been picking the sprouts as they form, the remaining are looking a little tatty. It seems a shame to compost them, but I think in this case the growing was better than the potential tasting.

Lesson – leafy greens are far more rewarding and easily digestible, take up less space and are regenerating.


Leaf purpley tinged Brussels sprout leaves in late winter sunshine

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