Mid summer round up

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A highlight of moments from the garden so far this summer: My new rose Wollerton Old Hall. Gorgeous, chubby, cabbagey roses with a lovely scent. Looking striking here against an hydrangea. The bees are loving the creeping thyme. It’s a fabulous ground cover that has the advantage (unlike some others I’ve tried) of not being […]

Growing Poppies

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I had despaired in the spring at the poppies I had grown in seed trays. They were tall and leggy and I thought entirely doomed to wither and die. People said poppies shouldn’t be transplanted, but in the cold spring I was eager to start growing something! anything! in anticipation. Poppies made the list. I […]

Hydrangea Update

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  The Hydrangea cuttings I took back in late December and March are all coming into flower. Unfortunately with the many moves around the garden, the cuttings all lost the order I had assigned them to determine where the cuttings where from (I have two sources). Most are now flowering and all are thriving in […]