Mid summer round up

A highlight of moments from the garden so far this summer:

My new rose Wollerton Old Hall. Gorgeous, chubby, cabbagey roses with a lovely scent. Looking striking here against an hydrangea.

The bees are loving the creeping thyme. It’s a fabulous ground cover that has the advantage (unlike some others I’ve tried) of not being invasive. Intend to grow more of this to replace my existing ground covers. It has the added advantage of attracting bees to the vegetable garden.

November bought this fabulous display from the rose Rambling Rector. This is its third spring and it certainly came into its zenith compared with the previous year. Cutting off the hips is a bit of a chore but worth it for the month of glory it brought.

Who knew the simple spud could bring such delights. The flowers from two rubbish bags filled with potatoes and compost are a cheery nod to mid summer.

You can’t go past a showy hydrangea in fresh bloom.

This year I’m growing some unusual corn called honey and pearl.

The chamomile “lawn” is bountiful. Unsuited to being a ground cover, it’s been left to grow in odd corners and certainly is more appealing than a patch of weeds. Also smells lovely and appley to walk over.


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